Let’s Talk About It


Creating new conversations and talking about challenging topics in our existing relationships is not always easy. This is why I am offering a service called: Let’s Talk About It.

This service is to support growth, communication and connection in existing familial and friendship relationships. It is not therapy or appropriate as a crisis response. This is a short-term service, from 1 to 3 sessions maximum. I will offer psycho-education, communication tools and somatic practices on topics listed below:

  • Deepening Friendship & Sisterhood

  • Navigating differences in bi-cultural relationships

  • My child is questioning her/his/their gender identity

  • How to develop rich self-care routines and habits

  • I want to build a relationship with my body

The best part is, this is meant for small groups! A flat fee of $200 for 1 hour-session and you can have up to 6 friends, family members, and/or a combination participate.

We will first assess if this service is appropriate for your needs. Services offered in office and nature walks. Contact me for details and scheduling.

It does not have to be scary. Let’s talk about it!